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She waited for her heart to resume a normal rhythm before deciding to go to the bar. Now she was going to be late.
« Hello, Lisa. »
The young woman turned round abruptly, surprised to be greeted like that in this neighborhood.
« Peter! What are you doing here? »
She caught herself up suddenly, conscious of the incongruity of the question. Peter Monaghan had died three years before of a metastasized cancer, due to overwork, alcohol and, most of all, cigarette abuse. And he was standing facing her, in the blue costume in which Lisa had always known him. His shoulders were more stooped and his face paler than she remembered him.
He smiled at her.
« You look resplendent, as ever. »

US$12.95/GBP 10.99
7×10 tpb, 60 p.
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-329-7

One night a week, NYPD officer Lisa Kilpatrick plays the piano and sings in a club-her true passion. But after she witnesses the phenomenon known as  » Manhattanedge « , a solstice event during which the setting sun is aligned with the east-west streets of the main grid of the island, she suddenly topples into another, much stranger world, that of the Ghosts of Manhattan.

Manhattan Ghost is a loving tribute to the Big Apple penned by one of France’s most talented fantasy writers and illustrated by 28 gorgeous photographs taken by Mickael LAGUERRE

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