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I sold my piano, it couldn’t come with me,
I locked up my bedroom and I walked out into the air,
When nothing I needed was left there behind me,
I walked out through the shadows of Washington Square.

I wandered the highways from Dublin to Berkeley,
And I heard the songbirds of Ballyporeen,
But I loved like a fountain and it left me with nothing,
Just memories of walking through Washington Square.

Now I live in the shadows, where light is electric,
And time is a number, that rests on a wall,
And nobody knows me, my friends and my family,
Are as far from this city as Washington Square.

So cover this warm night in a blanket of starlight,
And I’ll follow this freeway out into the air,
In case you should wander and wanted to find me,
I’m traveling homeward to Washington Square,
I’m traveling homeward to Washington Square,
Washington Square,
Washington Square.

Auteurs-compositeurs : Adam Fredric Duritz, James Bogios, David A. Immergluck, Daniel John Vickrey, Charles Thomas Gillingham, David Lynn Bryson, Millard Powers
Pour utilisation non commerciale uniquement.
Données de : Musixmatch

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