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Believe I’ll go down to the city
Where the neon lights
All shine so bright and pretty
Where the night time girls
Are always laughing
Movie stars are autographing there
There’s so much that I want to see
Buy myself a store-bought suit
And a Stetson and a big fur coat
So the winter never gets in
Take myself down to the station
Ask the girl for information
About my trip for NYC

Got to see the empire’s tallest building
Where the plane shot that big monkey
And they killed him
But I’m a fool to go on wishing
Might as well go on with my fishing
Oh Lord, I wish I was free

City lights keep calling me
Telling me to leave my country home
Leave my home

Auteurs-compositeurs : Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney
Pour utilisation non commerciale uniquement.
Données de : Musixmatch

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