1 Jour 1 chanson Leif Garrett : New York city night

La nuit à New York c’est ici

Leif Garrett – New York City Night – YouTube

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You came here needing adventure
And you were looking for A new place to dance
You wanted something that’s better so girl you took a chance
And now you’re dancin’ and glidn’
You are slipping and sliding you are falling all over yourself
But when you’re out on floor not afraid any more

That’s where you wanted to be,
You can blame it on me.

New York City nights, you’ve got to have ’em.
New York City lights, you want the music playin’.
New York City style, you’ve got to grab it.
New York City nights.

You feel the movement inside you
And it’s pounding down deep in your heart.
And every time I’m beside you
The beat begins to start.

And now you’re runnin’ and glidin’,
You’re slippin’ and slidin’,
You’re fallin’ all over yourself.
But when you’re out on the floor
Your’re not afraid any more.
That’s where you wanted to be,
You can blame it on me.

Auteurs-compositeurs : Hemric Guy, Di Taranto Andrew Joseph
Pour utilisation non commerciale uniquement.
Données de : Musixmatch

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